Brooklydelphia SPORTS UPDATE

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Sports
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After missing all of the 2011 season due to Tommy John surgery Phillies fan fave Jamie Moyer earned a spot on the starting rotation of the Colorado Rockies on Friday. Moyer, age 49, has a chance to be the oldest pitcher ever to win a game in the big leagues. Moyer led the 2008 World Fucking Champions Phillies team in wins with 16. The soft tossing Moyer will start the Rockies second game of the season on April 7. Moyer always brought a solid work ethic to the team and is very active in giving back to the community, so this writer will be rooting for the old phart to keep piling on the wins… And a huge Viagra endorsement deal.

The Am-Asian Lin-derella story that was Lin-sanity will be put on hold for the next 6 weeks and possibly until next season, leaving some feeling Lin-completeJeremy Lin is having left knee surgery to repair a tear in his meniscus and will miss six weeks, likely ending his amazing breakthrough season. The Knicks, currently the 8th seeded team for the playoffs, would have to make a deep run in order for Lin to make a curtain call this year.  Don’t count on it, this years Knicks have too many chinks in their armour.

The last six times that Kentucky has won the NCAA men’s basketball championship, the Yankess have won the World Series. So if Kentucky wins tonight, expect yet another parade in the Canyon of Heroes this November.

  1. ptrkllpry says:

    Yankees suck!

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