California (Virgin) Love

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Travel
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We’re baaa- aack! We spent the last few weeks on the west coast eating fish tacos, petting sea lions, and shredding narly waves. California was all that we thought it would be: laid back beautiful people, dance music, plush leather seats, and mood lighting. And that was just on the flight to LAX on Virgin America Airlines. If you have not flown on Virgin America, you have yet to experience air travel as it should be. (CLICHE ALERT!) Airline travel is now sexy again! I’m not exactly sure when it was ever sexy – it hasn’t been in my lifetime. I’m guessing not since Orville Wright used to take chicks up in the sky for a quick ride in the Kittyhawk in return for a handie at 1000 feet.

The deets: We flew out of Philadelphia International Airport to LAX, Approaching the check-in counter, we were surprised to hear the bumping sound of David Guetta’s “All the Crazy Shit I did Last Night” pumping from the overhead speakers. Imagine that! Dance music being played at the check-in counter at the airport. Sir Richard Branson, you are a genius. Check in was a breeze. The woman behind the counter was genuinely friendly, laid back, and pretty hot! The plane boarded 45 minutes before departure time. ATTENTION USAIR, SUCK ON DEEZ NUTS! Upon boarding the plane, the first thing that we noticed was that all of the passenger seats were black leather. Straight up BALLER style. And a sexy purple glow illuminated through out the plane which made us feel more like we were entering a lounge in South Beach than an airplane. Behind each headrest was an on-demand entertainment screen that sits in front of every passenger and is loaded with recent tv shows, music and movies, some free and some not. You could even create your own playlist from their catalog of songs. Best of all – the system is connected to live tv. I sat back and watched some NBA playoffs, Lakers beating up on Denver, live from 26,000 feet in the sky, before dozing off to my happy place. I arrived in LA feeling refreshed and ready to do some damage and convinced that I will never fly on another airline.

For now, from New York and Philly, Virgin America only flies to LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Seattle.  It will cost you around $200 each way to fly out west. As the summer heats up, so should the airfare battle.  Keep an eye out for last minute specials and deals for Fall travel.

  1. HH says:

    Who knew the folks at Brooklydelphia were a shill for the airline business. I feel betrayed.

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