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Here at Brooklydelphia headquarters, we are ALL about coffee and beer.  After hanging out at Brew/Ultimo in South Philly  for a few hours, we are seriously considering relocating our HQ. Brew/Ultimo is a coffee shop and “beer boutique” shop rolled in to one. Walk thru the front door and you’ll find an open layout with rustic and industrial features and design.  Your first stop will be Ultimo’s coffee counter.  Order yourself a hand poured drip coffee – we had the house brew, cafe americano style and were quite pleased. Or do it proper and order a cappuccino.  It’s probably going to be warm outside so the garage door on the side wall will be rolled up. Grab a seat and enjoy the chill vibe.

After you kill the coffee and the caffeine buzz starts kicking in, take a glance over to the opposite wall and admire Brew’s eight refrigerated coolers filled with about 500 different kinds of beer. The first two coolers will have local stuff, including our faves Yards and Dogfish Head. The next four coolers are loaded with fine U.S craft beers. The last coolers have international beers from Belgium, Germany and more. Grab a few bottles (we were craving some hops and went with this one and this one), take a mug and jump out to an outdoor table. Pull those sunglasses over your eyes, and enjoy. We’ll be doing the same at the table beside you.

Thank you Brew / Ultimo, we heart you too.

Brew / Ultimo 1900 S.15th street and Mifflin, South Philly

Brew: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday -Saturday 11am-10pm
Ultimo: Monday-Friday 7am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-9pm


To the dismay of the Khim family, who seem to have a kung fu death grip on the organic/bodega super-market market through out Williamsburg, the New York Times is reporting that Whole Foods is coming to Williamsburg.  The proposed store on Bedford Avenue and N.4th street is slated to open in 2014. It will also house a New York Sports Club and luxury apartments. Inevitably some will see this as yet another sign that the neighborhood is over.  Whole Foods recently reported that they will be opening their first Brooklyn store in Gowanus in 2013.

Finally, a place to stop off at on my way home from work to grab some $25.99/pound wild sockeye salmon and a $6 organic red pepper.