Picture a map. If Philadelphia is the left leg and Brooklyn is the right leg, that would make New Jersey the stinky twat in the middle. It’s not often that we give praise to NJ, however on your next drive thru the Garden State, you may catch a waft of something other than shit or Drakar Noir.

Yesterday, the State of New Jersey issued its first permit to allow the growing of medical marijuana to one of six non-profit organizations that it has licensed to do so. The Greenleaf Compassion Center was the first of the six organizations to find a grow location and receive local approval. Greenleaf’s grow facility is located in Montclair, NJ and now becomes the first to be granted authority by the State to grow weed. Full story here.

There are still several hurdles to overcome such as how the weed will be dispensed (we’re partial to dime bags) and how long before the Feds kick in the door.  But we are strong supporters of legalization and are remaining optimistic that one day we’ll cross the bridge to buy not only gas and alcohol but also weed.  

The only thing that we don’t like about this is the thought of Governor Chris Christie with the munchies.


Brooklydelphia SPORTS UPDATE

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Sports

As if the Phillies anemic offense didn’t have enough to worry about, the Rally Squirrel is back in the news.  Phillies fans first saw the Rally Squirrel in Game 4 of the 2011 NLDS at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Roy Oswalt was in mid-pitch when the furry fucker darted out and ran across home plate and into the seats. The Cardinals went on to win Games 4 and 5, sending the heavily favored Phils home for the winter. The Cardinals received their World Series rings over the weekend and take a guess which rascally rodent was subtly featured on the ring? Full story here.

And speaking of annoying furry things that have been tormenting the Phillies, San Francisco Giants bearded and boisterous closer Brian Wilson has structural damage in his pitching arm and will likely require surgery and be done for the season.  Thankfully, now he will be the only one that will have to look at the horrible beard.

Rest in peace, Kenny Fucking Powers.  He went out in a blaze of glory on last night’s series finale of HBO’s East Bound and Down. 


And you should be too. Stop reading silly, irreverent emails and go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

With the EastOver holiday weekend now behind us, warm weather is just around the corner. It looks like it’s going to be a great Summer for outdoor music festivals.  Here are the big ones that will blow through our area this summer and there will be plenty of smaller ones too. Dig out your fanny pack and get ready to jam.

May 18-20, The Bamboozle, Asbury Park, NJ. Impressive oceanfront festival featuring something for everyone: Rock (Foo Fighters), Pop (Blink-182), Metal (who cares!), Electronic (Skrillex), 40 year old white chicks (Bon Jovi), Comedy (Andrew Dice Clay, DJ Pauly D.) and our favorite genre, Sissy Bounce (Big Freedia). Dont miss: Hickory Dickory Dock, OHHHH!

May 19,20 Electric Daisy Carnival New York, East Rutherford NJ. This famous west coast party comes east and if the video on their website is any indication, this will be your best chance to get your ‘rave’ on this Summer. The first phase of announced Dj’s includes Avicii, Fatboy Slim, John Digweed. Head to MetLife Stadium and expect to see great costumes, a ferris wheel, 16 year old kids rolling their faces off, and of course- a shit ton of glow sticks.  Don’t forget to bring: sunglasses, mdma, chewing gum.

May 31-June 3, Mountain Jam Festival, Hunter Mountain, NY. IMPRESSIVE Memorial Day weekend line up at Hunter Mountain is leaving us with major second thoughts about heading downashore for this weekend. Featuring: Steve Winwood, Michael Franti, The Roots, Ben Folds Five, The Word.  Don’t miss: James Murphy’s late night DJ set.

June 2,3 The Roots Picnic – reviewed on BROOKLYDELPHIA on 3.15.12

June 23-24 Governors Ball, Randalls Island, NYC. Head over to Randalls Island and catch Beck, Passion Pit, Moodest Mouse, Santigold, Cage the Elephant, Major Lazer, Duck Sauce, Fionna Apple, Cults, Phantogram, Atmosphere.

July 20-22 Xponential Music Festival, Camden, NJ. Family friendly festival from local indie station 88.5 WXPN featuring an eclectic lineup of established stars and emerging artists headlined by Wilco, Dr. Dog, Avett Brothers. What to bring: Lesbians

July 20-22 Firefly Music Festival, Dover Delaware. FINALLY our own Bonnarroo! 3 days on 87 acres (Dover International Raceway) with camping and a beer garden. Solid inaugural line up headlined by The Killers, The Black Keys, Jack White. Don’t miss: Tax free shopping on your way home.

Aug 17-19 Philadelphia Folk Festival Schwenksville, Pa.  No lineup announcement yet from the Granddaddy of festivals, now in it’s 51st year. Last year’s headliner was Levon Helm. What to Bring: Chocolate covered mushrooms, acoustic guitar, condoms.

Aug 31 Electric Zoo, Randalls Island, NYC- One more trek to the sprawling island of Randalls to get your dance on.  Something for all electronic music fans here: House, Trance, Minimal, Breakbeats, Electro, Techno. Our old favorite Sasha, and our new favorite Maya Jane Coles. All of the big name DJ’s from the last few years will be spinning and find your new favorite too. Expect: a lot of fist-pumping and douche-juice but if you can ignore all of this, you will hear a lot of great music.

In the most surprising bit of news that we’ve heard since learning that Rick Santorum has a retarded daughter, a just released study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ranks Philadelphia as 67th out of 67 counties in Pennsylvania, or as we see it – the NUMBER 1 worst county, in it’s annual report of county health rankings by state.

The study looks at things like premature death, low birthweight, adult smoking, obesity, excessive drinking, sexually transmitted diseases, teen birth rate, access to healthy foods, violent crime rate. all things that we Philadelphians excel in.

Time to celebrate! Order a double cheese steak with mayo (have it delivered), grab your gat, a nasty skank from around the way, some cold Yuengling lagers, hop on that comfy sofa for the next 4-6 hours and enjoy the Philies/Sixer/Flyers/American Idol/John Stewart/Stephen Colbert shows and slowly fade in to your happy place knowing that we are numero uno.

PS. Union County, Pa, you finished as the 67th least unhealthiest. Your County looks like tons of fun. Do you even know what “Stop Snitchin'” means? Go fuck yourselves, losers.

After missing all of the 2011 season due to Tommy John surgery Phillies fan fave Jamie Moyer earned a spot on the starting rotation of the Colorado Rockies on Friday. Moyer, age 49, has a chance to be the oldest pitcher ever to win a game in the big leagues. Moyer led the 2008 World Fucking Champions Phillies team in wins with 16. The soft tossing Moyer will start the Rockies second game of the season on April 7. Moyer always brought a solid work ethic to the team and is very active in giving back to the community, so this writer will be rooting for the old phart to keep piling on the wins… And a huge Viagra endorsement deal.

The Am-Asian Lin-derella story that was Lin-sanity will be put on hold for the next 6 weeks and possibly until next season, leaving some feeling Lin-completeJeremy Lin is having left knee surgery to repair a tear in his meniscus and will miss six weeks, likely ending his amazing breakthrough season. The Knicks, currently the 8th seeded team for the playoffs, would have to make a deep run in order for Lin to make a curtain call this year.  Don’t count on it, this years Knicks have too many chinks in their armour.

The last six times that Kentucky has won the NCAA men’s basketball championship, the Yankess have won the World Series. So if Kentucky wins tonight, expect yet another parade in the Canyon of Heroes this November.



Brooklyn boys Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan (a book editor and a graphic designer respectively) have tackled some great topics from beer varieties to the history of Apple Computer to notable haircuts of rock starts (left) in what they call “Culture based infographic prints.”  Check their full line of prints and apparel at www.PopChartLab.com.

And for those of you who missed my birthday, it’s not too late. These prints all ship wonderfully.

The New York Post is reporting that the two year $50 million dollar restoration of the WHALE sized McCarren Park Pool is almost complete and the pool will open on June 28th. The huge pool which is located in the north side of Williamsburg was built in 1936 and can accommodate thousands of wet bodies. After years of neglect in the 70’s and early 80’s, the pool finally closed for good in 1984. It saw a bit of a re-birth in 2006 when local indie concert promoter Jelly began throwing it’s now infamous Jelly Pool Party concerts, which drew thousands inside of the empty pool to watch their favorite bands. Those concerts were moved to the Williamsburg Waterfront in 2009. When the pool project is completed, the City is hoping to receive a LEED certification for environmental friendliness. An ice rink is expected to cover the pool in the colder months.

Taken from the City’s website, this photo rendition is what the pool will look like. Although I’m a bit confused. There doesn’t seem to be a hipster in sight. Not even ONE. I’m guessing this is what the pool will look when the Jim Beam and Coke slushie machine is on at the Bushwick Country Club or during a kickball game.

So what are you waiting for?! Head over to Groupon.com, find that 51% off bikini wax deal, and schedule for late June.